About Endosupp

This site is run by Michael and Arianna.

It was started back in 2001 when Michael was in England and Arianna was in Canada, prior to them getting engaged and finally getting married in England.

Both now live in the north-west of England and have had a baby girl through IVF in 2007.

Michael has donated his time and webspace for the site and will assist in keeping it up to date and problem-free. Arianna suffers from endometriosis and is going to be dealing with the actual day-to-day content of this site. If you feel the site could do with modifying in anyway please let us know through the contact us link – we welcome all suggestions and help!

The site is now in it’s third incarnation, it’s original content is mainly restored in this version and things are coming on well.

The original site was designed to encourage people to contribute their own stories and creativity – as time has gone forward it has gotten easier to get proper factual information so the site has evolved to be more of a news and information resource, however we do always encourage users to register and post comments orĀ  email us stories.

The site has a yahoo group, which has been semi-active, but we hope to revive it shortly with the new site. The second incarnation of the site was very thin and never got the original content back, it was created just prior to the IVF starting – and with the IVF our time became short and the end result, our daughter, meant that until now we haven’t had the time the site deserves.

However as she is now a little more independant, and we have some time in the evenings – more than when the original site was launched – endosupp is back! We thank those who have kept coming back to us over the years, even when it looked like we had abandoned you, we never did, we just couldn’t find the time to let you know!

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  1. Dear Michael and Arianna,

    The information you have listed on “Noteworthy specialists with excellent reputations in the Endometriosis community” for Dr. Andrew Cook is incorrect and needs to be changed immediately.

    Dr. Cook is not affiliated with Dr. Deborah Metzger at the Helena Women’s Health Specialty Center in Palo Alto, CA in any way.

    Andrew S. Cook, MD, FACOG, is the Founder and Medical Director of:

    Vital Health Institute
    15055 Los Gatos Blvd., Suite 250
    Los Gatos, CA 95032
    (408) 358-2511

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