Fertility Society Australia 2008 Conference

We hope to start finding out the information about more of these conferences as the site grows and our userbase continues to expand.

For our users from Australia here’s info about the fertility society of australia’s conference dates this year (2008).  Since our personal IVF was successful – and the main reason for needing this was due to the endometriosis causing infertility problems I think these advances are very very important.

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When & Where
19 to 22 October 2008
Hilton Hotel, Brisbane
Queensland, Australia

Theme: Working Together For Reproductive Health

The conference theme, “Working Together For Reproductive Health” guided the development of the sessions, though we retained some of the discipline based sessions. This theme was chosen to highlight potential benefits for our patients if we all recognize our respective skill sets and organise ourselves around a common theme. The overall aim of the program is to provide sessions that stimulate further discussions with your colleagues in the many IVF Units in Australia and New Zealand.

Keynote Speakers
John Collins
Bart Fauser
Jonathan Van Blerkom
Andrew Van Steirteghem

Registration is now open. For more information, please visit the FSA Conference website.


Journal Entry March 14, 2006 (Arianna)

Well back from the group meeting – was like going to uni – the whole lecture hall was packed!

It was a very informative meeting and as soon as I get my next period I need to ring for my day 2 blood test. I’m a tad confused though because they said that if you get your period after 10am then it’s not considered day 1 or something like that, but shouldn’t matter, I usually have mine before then.

They talked about how things work there and the cycles and possible problems. There was a nurse there who spoke about the nursing staff, and the counsellors and an embryologist as well as one of the consultants.

They focused on the long cycle of treatment which doesn’t really apply to me as the consultant told me that I’d be doing a short cycle due to the drugs that they’d be using and my prior reaction to them, but we will wait and see.

All in all it was a very good meeting.

DH will have to do a sperm sample as he’s not had one done before at this hospital. Not sure if I need a smear test as I had one in 2003 and I know my 3 years is up in Dec of this year, but we shall see.

I’m going to put everything together into a plastic folder to take with us. I’ve been tracking my periods for well hmm let me count…..*pause while counts on fingers*…13 years now so I will be putting the last 2 years or so into a spreadsheet and putting it in the file. The consultant already has hundreds of charts I’ve filled out. LOL

My only concern is that because I don’t know when my periods are due, this whole “you take this drug 1 week before your period is due” won’t work – but we’ll see what the consultant says.

Hope everyone is okay!


Journal Entry March 13th, 2006 (Arianna)

Just thought I’d post to say Hi and do a check in.

We have our IVF group meeting tomorrow night and I’m getting rather nervous about all of it. I’m so afraid of the drugs as I’ve had them before and they turned me into a monster and I’ve got permanent damage from them – so am really scared that the same thing will happen again and the damage will get worse. Thankfully the consultant is fully aware of my concerns and has promised his support and monitoring of things.
I’m having a hard time coping with not being pregnant yet – but I suppose it’s just a normal aspect of my life really.

Am really busy work wise and am getting very stressed by one of my client’s who is a total tit. He seems to think that I can do my job without giving me access to information that I require and then he argues with me when I tell him that I can’t do it if he doesn’t give me the information to do the job!

I’m attempting to get into shape (Katherine you are a great inspiration cause you look totally fab and remind me of how I looked when I was younger) but am not being very successful as my knee is bothering me when I do a lot of walking (it’s a very old injury that probably never healed properly). I’m determined to look fab in my bikini when we go to Spain in May! I’m also trying to drink 2 litres of water a day – but man is it hard! I keep having to run to pee and some days I wonder why I don’t just sit on the dang toilet all day – or connect a hose to it. LOL

I think that’s it. I will do an update tomorrow night or Wednesday after the group meeting thingy.

Hope everyone is okay!!!


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