Journal Entry March 14, 2006 (Arianna)

Well back from the group meeting – was like going to uni – the whole lecture hall was packed!

It was a very informative meeting and as soon as I get my next period I need to ring for my day 2 blood test. I’m a tad confused though because they said that if you get your period after 10am then it’s not considered day 1 or something like that, but shouldn’t matter, I usually have mine before then.

They talked about how things work there and the cycles and possible problems. There was a nurse there who spoke about the nursing staff, and the counsellors and an embryologist as well as one of the consultants.

They focused on the long cycle of treatment which doesn’t really apply to me as the consultant told me that I’d be doing a short cycle due to the drugs that they’d be using and my prior reaction to them, but we will wait and see.

All in all it was a very good meeting.

DH will have to do a sperm sample as he’s not had one done before at this hospital. Not sure if I need a smear test as I had one in 2003 and I know my 3 years is up in Dec of this year, but we shall see.

I’m going to put everything together into a plastic folder to take with us. I’ve been tracking my periods for well hmm let me count…..*pause while counts on fingers*…13 years now so I will be putting the last 2 years or so into a spreadsheet and putting it in the file. The consultant already has hundreds of charts I’ve filled out. LOL

My only concern is that because I don’t know when my periods are due, this whole “you take this drug 1 week before your period is due” won’t work – but we’ll see what the consultant says.

Hope everyone is okay!


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