Another wrong News Article….

The story in this news article is a moving one, basically about a woman who has been mis-diagnosed with endometriosis many times when her condition is much rarer – so I do feel for her and we can all relate!.


However, the reason why this is apearing here, is that the article goes to explain that endometriosis is:

The common wrong conclusion was that Tara had endometriosis, which occurs when endometrial tissue — tissue normally found only in the lining of the uterus — grows elsewhere in the reproductive system and even in the intestines.

Which we all know is WRONG – on this site we have numerous entries about endo elsewhere, even with a couple about endo in the LUNG which is a little bit removed from the area’s above.  This sort of mis-information doesn’t really help much – though at least they have it right for the majority of known sufferer’s I suppose!


Anyway we are going to make a new section for “wrong news on endometriosis” – which might be fun!


p.s. original article here

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