New Breast Cancer Treatment Drugs!

Not quite endo related directly, but in the future it may be, many drugs that are used to help women with endo are primarily cancer treatment agents or are used in combination with other drugs to treat cancer. There has been a dramitic improvement in some breast cancer treating drugs – they will become available widespread in the uk in about 3 years.. Click to read a short snippet from the BBC website along with a URL for the article.

A new generation of breast cancer drugs have proved to be more effective than tamoxifen for some post-menopausal women, suggests research.
The drugs, known as aromatase inhibitors, shrank tumours better and helped more women survive their illness.

However, is not clear if they will replace tamoxifen as the first-choice treatment for some types of breast cancer, and are unlikely to be available to UK women for some time.

(Cut from BBC) for rest go to here

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