Ovaries grafted on to women’s arms – Wednesday 26th September 2001

Ovaries grafted on to women’s arms

Doctors in the US have transplanted ovarian tissue from two women on to their forearms to help them produce healthy eggs.

The women have been unable to have children because of medical problems – cervical cancer and benign ovarian cysts.

Their ovaries now function as they did in their original position, with the forearm growing and shrinking during the monthly menstrual cycle.

Dr Kutluk Oktay, from the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York City, told Ananova: “This was about taking ovarian tissue from women undergoing radiation therapy for cancer, or women undergoing ovarian removal for benign ovarian disease, then grafting them underneath the skin.”

He said after two to four months the tissue started functioning and the patients started to produce eggs.

“In my estimation around 50,000 women of reproductive age are diagnosed with cancer each year, as well as 10,000 women who require surgery for benign cysts or endometriosis,” he said.

“With this ovarian tissue being removed and frozen and then transplanted in the arm following radiation treatment,or transplanted freely into the arm and then being lifted above the area being affected by radiation, these women will not have to have menopausal treatment and can produce healthy eggs.”

A full report can be found in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Story filed: 22:05 Wednesday 26th September 2001

Story from ananova – url below.


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