Points That Should Be Known About Lupron (Prostap)

It has come to my attention that many people are being told that as long as they take HRT they can have Lupron as many times as they wish. This isn’t exactly true.

While it is not illegal for doctor’s to prescribe Lupron (Prostap), it is stated in the leaflet insert that is in the injection kit that: “The safety of
re-treatment as well as treatment beyond 6 months with Lupron has not been established.” This statement indicates that they have no idea how safe it is to have Lupron (Prostap) for more than 6 months at a time, or to even have it for more than one course.

People who have this medication should also have regular bone density scans to check whether or not this medication is affecting their bone density. Anyone who is going to have more than 1 6-month course should definitely make sure they receive one of these scans before beginning another course.

I would also recommend that before starting this treatment, you research the drug very carefully so that you fully understand the impact that it could have on your life.

lupron effects Contributed by jennypeck

i was diagnosed with endometriosis on march 17 2005. my doctor started my lupron shots after my laproscopy and the side effects have been pretty horendous. i was just wondering if anyone else has had some problems with the shot. not long after my first shot i developed hot flashes, mood swings, leg pains, severe depression, anxiety and really bad insomnia. its just been pretty difficult to deal with all around. im pretty much pain free for now but the after effects have been hard on me.

More Information on Lupron

Lupron Depot interrupts normal menstruation and the production of estrogen.

The absence of estrogen reduces the growth of endometrial tissue. In some cases, Lupron can shrink the implants and provide significant relief from pain.

This medication creates a pseudo-menopause. Even though most women stop having periods during treatment, occasional spotting can occur. If you continue to have regular menstruation after your second injection, you should notify your physician. You could also experience hot flashes, headaches and vaginal dryness, which are menopausal symptoms.

A reduction in estrogen might also cause a reduction in bone mineral density. Once treatment is stopped, this is partially or completely recovered.
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Information About Lupron

This article contains information on Lupron that I have gotten from the Inserts that came with my first Lupron shot.
From the Patient Information Insert that came with my Lupron shot:

-it is for intramuscular use only

-it comes in 3.75mg (1-Month slow release) and 11.25mg (3-Month slow release)

-it’s limited to women 18 years of age and over

-the proper use of Lupron Depot:
-very important your physician checks your progress at regular check-ups

-you might get a local skin reaction: itching, redness, burning and/or swelling at the injection site; the reactions are usually mild and disappear within a few days; if they persist or worsen, tell your physician

-you might get hot flashes; if they continue and make you feel uncomfortable, tell your physician

-if you develop: severe bone pain, severe hot flashes, heavy sweating, severe pain in the chest or abdomen, abnormal swelling or numbness of limbs, persistent nausea or vomiting, rapid heart beat or nervousness, contact your physician immediately

if you think you might be pregnant, contact your physician immediately

-always remember to:

-check with your physician or pharmacist before taking any other medications, including non-prescription (for colds, nausea)

The above information was from the Patient Information insert distributed by ABBOT LABORATORIES, LIMITED October 1999
From another Information Insert that came with my Lupron shot:
Lupron Depot is also known as leuprolide acetate for depot suspension; this is a synthetic, nonapeptide analog of naturally occurring gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH or LHRH)

-it acts as a potent inhibitor of gonadotropin production when administered properly

-it exerts specific action on the pituitary gonadotrophs and the human reproductive tract

General Warnings from the Insert:
-isolated cases of short-term worsening of signs and symptoms have been reported during initiation of Lupron therapy

General Precautions from the Insert:
-those on Lupron therapy should be assessed on a regular basis by their attending physician

  1. Changes in Bone Density
  2. Changes in Laboratory Values during treatment: Plasma Enzymes, Haematology, Lipids,
  3. The safety of re-treatment as well as treatment beyond 6 months with Lupron has not been established.

Adverse Reactions:
-body odour, flu symptoms, injection site reactions, palpitations, syncope, tachycardia, dry mouth, thirst, appetite changes, anxiety, personality disorder, memory disorder, delusions, insomnia/sleep disorders, androgen-like effects, alopecia, hair disorder, nail disorder, ecchymosis, lymphadenopathy, rhinitis, ophthalmologic disorders, conjunctivitis, taste perversion, dysuria, lactation, menstrual disorders

-mood swings, including depression, have been reported as physiological effect of decreased sex steroids

-the following symptoms have been reported by patients while using this medication, but the relationship of the symptoms to Lupron hasn’t been established

-symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia (joint and muscle pain, headaches, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal distress, and shortness of breath)

The above information was from an insert that was distributed by ABBOT LABORATORIES, LIMITED July 1999

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