Arianna and Michael (Arianna) – #5 January 26, 2002

For just over a week now I’ve been suffering from this annoying pain on my left side and lower back that steadily got worse. Not only that but I kept running to the bathroom even if I only drank a thimble full of water. I suspected a kidney infection.

I finally made an appointment with the doctor and I saw her yesterday morning and guess what…I’ve got a kidney infection. I went in, did a urine sample, the receptionist dipped the stick in it and asked if i was expecting my period any day now. I said nope not for another 2 weeks, and she said oh hmm, I said I’m susceptible to high protein levels. The doctor came in, looked at the stick, asked where the pain was, said “Yup you have a kidney infection” She wasn’t happy about me waiting an entire week but she understood why I had done it.
She’s given me a course of Macrobid to take for 7 days. She hopes I won’t have an allergic reaction to this stuff. She also ordered me to drink lots of cranberry juice. I wanted to laugh since that’s what I’d already prescribed for myself. :o)
I guess I’m going to have to not ignore any pain that I do have, especially if I realise it’s not endo pain. Oh well…Live and let Learn as they say.

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