What is Zoladex?

What is it?
It is a GnRH injection that is given every 28 days in the stomach. It is also known as Goserelin acetate. It is used to put the body into a temporary menopause.

Possible Side Effects:
-a small loss of calcium from the bones
-Hot Flushes and sweating
-Reduced sex drive
-Mood Swings including Depression
-Vaginal dryness and change in breast size
-Tingling in the fingers and toes
-skin rashes
-rare allergic reactions
-pains in the joints
-change in the blood pressure

Sometimes women enter menopause early and when treatment is stopped, menstruation does not start again.
The symptoms are known to be worse within the first month of treatment.
It is possible that you will experience vaginal bleeding during the first month, but this should stop after that.
Not all women will have these side effects, or even have any of them, this is just a guide of what might happen.

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