Stages of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is generally recognised to have four stages, some doctors may talk of five stages where stage 4 is taken a step further – below is our understanding of the four stages.

Stage One Endometriosis

A few cells/implants are present, often in the pelvic area, even at this stage some women can suffer significant symptoms.  Often after surgery women to remove the cells/implants are back to stage one (assuming surgery is taken to tackle the latter stages).

Stage Two Endometriosis

Endometrial cells are found in more areas, often on one or both ovaries.  At this stage fertility may start to be affected due to these.

Stage Three Endometriosis

More cells are found in the pelvic area and can be seen more easily during diagnostic laproscopy.  Pain is often severe and fertility is often impaired as a result of the pain and distress due to the spreading of the cells.

Stage Four Endometriosis

This is the most severe stage, often organs are joined by fibrous strands due to the spread of the endometriosis.  Inflammation is often extensive due to the irritation of the organs as the body reacts to the cells.  At this stage fertility is almost certainly affected alongside severe pain. (It should be noted that due to the variance of endometriosis it is possible to be at Stage 4 and not be affected).

These stages are a rough guide and give you an idea when someone talks about stages.  With endometriosis someone can be stage one and have the same symptoms as someone in stage 4, it all depends where the cells are and so what is irritated or damaged as a result.

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