Why produce this site?

This site is produced to help everyone around the world understand what Endometriosis is and to increase world wide awareness about the disease. This site is also designed to help offer support to those with the disease and those who are affected by the disease (partners,spouses and parents etc..) The site was created back in 2001 ish because there was a severe lack of information on endometriosis on the Internet and especially practical information with real viewpoints rather than conjecture by people without endo. Since then the site has grown consistently keeping up with advances in our knowledge and in advances in medicine where possible. Now there are many similar sites, but we hope this site offers the support needed to sufferers and welcome any suggestions on content or advice.

Now as times have moved on we are on the third incarnation of the site – and we are keeping it more up-to-date than ever.  Information is a lot easier to find about endometriosis now, but there is still a lack of proper life stories and experiences out there, there is now a lot of opportunistic sites which offer quick fixes for this incurable malady – the latest update of the site is done with an element of hope, as our personal experiences have shown there is life with Endo – and real hope.

– Michael & Arianna

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