They said it would go away. Contributed by mrscmharris

When all of this started I was 19 years old and just having some pain and swelling. After all the pain and doctor’s appointments and exams, I thought that I was crazy.

My step mother is actually who had the idea that it may be endometriosis. The doctor’s never even considered it. But sure enough, the laporoscopy proved that it was in fact endometriosis. They said take your birth control and motrin. Stay healthy, exercise, and get married and get pregnant and then it will go away.

Or so they thought. I dealt with it for 3 years while I waited on my prince charming , who I married and had a child with. BUT the joy of my child was overshadowed by the feeling that something was not right.

The pain came back. And not gradually like before but with a vengence like it had been waiting there for me to deliver. A month at a time, after I stopped nursing, it got wore. First it was just the cramps and heavy bleeding. Then came the sweeling. And thent he pain that won’t stop. It feels like someone hit me with a brick int he stomach.
The nurse says, I understand , there is a pil you can take for the cramping. She deosn’t understand that it isn’t cramps. ITs knock down drag out pain. Its a struggle everyday. Its not sleeping , not eating, trying not to cry pain.

So I have to have another surgery. They wanted me to wait two weeks for a post op appointment, but I made them refer me to someone else. I will not be pput off again like I was last time. Let one of them spend a day in our shoes and say they understand. How would they feel to live with it?

Hopefully this will fix it.

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