My story Contributed by kalie_mir

From the day i started my period (age 11) it was non stop pain, i remember being off school for weeks at a time with the pain. My doctor was great and put me on the pill at 14 and i totally forgot my pain untill i was 20.

After i moved to the uk i went a doctor about this continual pain, i was told that since my mother had a hysterectomy (it wasn’t anything to do with endo) then i would probably need one too in the next few years, with no explination why.

When i was 22 something happened with the pill i was given and i bled for a month and the pain was unreal. Again i was ignored. Finally after months of being told “its not that bad” i went into the doc’s and slammed my fist on the table and demanded a scan. A bit agressive, i know, but i couldn’t live like this.

After the scan i was told i may haven endo, or not. I was booked in for the lap. I waited 6 months for it, 6 months of sever pain, being sick and not sleeping, i went days with out sleep and wasn’t helped by the doc all he did was give me tramadol for the pain, it did help i suppose.

After the op, i woke up in more pain then going in. I was ignored by the nurses when i asked for help, strange men were walking in all the time, i didn’t know what was going on. They wouldn’t even let me go to the toilet or give me painkillers. When the Doc arrived she dosed me up with morphine (which had no effect) and waffeled on about endo and stuck a huge injection in my stomach.

I left that evening, not knowing anything about endo or my treatment or how bad it was. I’m lucky i have a very supportive mother who helped me through it all and found out the info i needed.

They put me through a fake menopause, at 22. Every side effect u could get i got, hot flushes, night sweaths, etc. It was awful. The pain never went away.

After 6 months of “treatment” i went back to the specialist, who looked at me asked if my periods stopped and then said “thats it your endo’s gone”, no examinations, no scans that was it. I even played dumb and asked if it would return She said never, its gone for good.

The pain continued, it took 2 months for my period to return and it still bad. I’ve recieved no further help from the doctors. And the menopause is still effecting me 6 months on.

I’m trying alternative therepy now like accupuncture and homeopathy, its helping, but not as much as i’d like.

I’m 23 now. I’ve lost my business, my life and sometimes the will to continue due to endo and the treatment. I dont even know what a decent nights sleep is anymore. Also after taking 6 tramadol a day (i did have a few happy weeks here and ther where i didn’t need them) for the past year i’ve had a reaction to them, the doctor wont give me anything else. So i’m back to square one, raw pain.

Its such a lonly thing to have, people cant see it so they dont believe it.

The only thing keeping me going is the thought of moving back to ireland and seeing what help i get there, I want my life back

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