Endometriosis and Cancer Link – new research shows

New research undertaken by researchers in Sweden have found a indicative link to an increased risk of some cancers.  After examining the records of 65,000 patents, along with data from the National Swedish Cancer Registry the researchers found that women with Endometriosis were  more likely to develop ovarian cancer, brain tumors, endocrine tumors, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The researchers also concluded that there was a decrease in risk for cervical cancer across the study group.   The study found that the actual increase in risk was minor, it may prompt further research from other nations, such studies, if a link is found – may be able to indicate new treatment and research paths for further treatment and diagnosis.

Other studies.

It’s worth noting another study in April 2013 indicated that the risk of ovarian cancer was reduced in women with Endometriosis who underwent excision surgery to remove and clean-out the endometriosis.


We hope that studies such as these will help researchers and consultants treat patients in the future.

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