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Endometriosis symptoms

Endometriosis is a condition that effects about 20% of women. It is a disease that causes chronic pain, emotional torment, and can also lead to infertility. There is no known cause or cure for endometriosis. Treatments are available that can temporarily provide relief, however, none are long term. With such limited resources, all that is left is coping.
When a woman is diagnosed with endo, she may find herself frustrated and angry. She begins to wonder what she did to cause this. The pain continues and she finds herself going through cycles of surgeries and medications. Meanwhile, she is becoming a mental and physical wreck- full of anger, frustration and chronic pain. This cycle keeps repeating and eventually leads to anxiety and depression. The body can only handle so much stress before it wears down the spirit causing depression. The cycle has to be stopped.

There are several ways women cope with endometriosis. You will find that some may work for you while others may not. Experiment and build a “get well” program for yourself.

– Stop feeling like a victim. Realize that you did nothing that caused you to acquire this disease and that you are not responsible for what it has done to your life. It is the endo, not you, causing it.

– Find an outlet to release all of your negative emotions and feelings. Write in a journal, talk to someone, create poetry or art. Find a way to turn bad energy into good.

– Surround yourself with inspirational thoughts. Hang up your favorite poem or quote and read it when you need encouragement.

– Search for support. Find others to talk to that have the same condition. This can be found in a support group, web-site, or official association.

– Learn to focus on you. Treat yourself to a massage, take a bubble bath, meditate- learn to try new things.

– Become an active participant in your health care. You will feel better emotionally when you realize that you are in charge of your health.

– Become an advocate. Educate others about endometriosis. The more awareness about the condition, the better.

– Be optimistic. Visualize good things and do not focus on the bad. Of course you should be realistic, but try reversing the focus of your thoughts.

– It is unhealthy to hold tension in. If you need a good cry, you need a good cry. It is better to let it all out than to allow it to build up.

There is no easy way or a prescription for coping. Each person is different and will deal with chronic pain and emotional distress in their own way. As with any condition, some days will be better than others will. If you start implementing some of the ideas above, you just may find that you are having more good days than bad.

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Title: Endometriosis symptoms
Description: Endometriosis symptoms:a disease that causes women chronic pain and sometimes infertility. With no cure, women must learn to cope.

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