Concerned about Female Organs as well as Stomach/Intestines

Hi, I am really hoping for some feedback before my scheduled laproscopy, which is 8/29/03. I am going to Vegas with 9 other people within a week of the time of the laproscopy, and was wondering, if it isn’t a mistake to have this done before I go, or reschedule for after.

I am also concerned that with the reading I have done on endometriosis, that I may have it in my stomach/intestine area. I have been told many years ago, that I have endo. in the uterus area. I have had two c-sections, one 19 years ago, and one 14 years ago, and it was between the two pregnancies, that I was diagnoised with it. I was put on the pill for periods of times, to stop the periods, and had a few D & C’s as well, and has worked pretty good, but it seems it has come back with a vengeance. Now, my doctor, is proposing Lupron Depot, OR a total hysterectomy. I have concerns now, because I think some of the pain is coming from my stomach, because I am having awful bloating, some rectal bleeding, and pinpoint cramping in different areas, not to mention bouts of diahrea, and some mucous. Sorry if I am grossing anyone out, but I would like to get some feedback and see if anyone can recommend what I should do. I know I am being looked at for the female part of this disease, but now who do I see for the stomach, and how much and what kind of testing will they put me through for this I wonder. I also want to mention, that I have Lupus, and fibro myalgia, and was wondering if enodmetriosis could be linked to autoimmune disease somehow. Please, could someone respond? I would greatly appreciate this. Thanks, Joanne

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  1. Mine is just the opposite…. I started out with bloody stool, an upset stomach right after I ate no matter what I ate, and always had stomach pains, along with painful bowel movements and pain all over in the lower areas after I ate. After colonoscopy and endoscopy coming up clean, they sent me for cat scans. The only thing they found was ovarian cysts, one on the left and a hemmorhagic one on the right. So, I did internal ultrasounds (ouch!). The cysts were there, along with free fluid and extra endometrium. I went on birth control, which got rid of the cysts. But now the pain keeps getting worse and worse, especially with bowel movements, and after and sexual attention. Plus, at random times, I feel like my ovaries are going to explode. They think the stomach issues are linked to endo, and my pain is linked to endo. I will have surgery in 4 weeks if im still in pain. Mind you, Im only 18.

    For your stomach, I would go to a gastroenterologist.


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