Arianna’s Endo Story….Part 4

For a week or so prior to my surgery I had been suffering severe pain in my stomach area and had gas.

August 20th – Left home around 7:30am to get to my 10:30am appointment with the anaesthesiologist. I got there and had to wait in a waiting room for quite some time before a nurse came and took me to a room where she asked me lots of questions weighed me and took my blood. She informed me that I was to be on a strict clear liquid only diet for the bowel prep. Saw the anaesthesiologist and he asked me a few questions about my health and what not.

Saw Dr. Lie in the afternoon, I managed to move my appointment up from1:45pm to 12:45pm. He was quite friendly and in a much better mood. Michael was with me and asked him a few questions. I got the information on the bowel prep so from Monday noon until Friday evening I had nothing but clear liquids.

August 22nd – Left home at 5am to be at the hospital for 8am. Was really nervous and didn’t want to have the surgery. Michael stayed with me right up until they took me in. Met a different anaesthesiologist and his assistant and they took me into the operating room. Dr. Lie told my parents and Michael that he removed a lot more endo than he was expecting and that is why I was under for so long. He said that he removed everything that he saw and that if I followed my diet and exercised I’d be fine for quite a few years. I took a long time to wake up from the anaesthetic and didn’t wake up until about 3pm. The nurse tried to get me up to go pee but when I sat up I felt nauseous so they gave me another bag of gravol in my IV. Finally woke up from that around 5pm and spent from 5pm to after 8pm trying to go pee. Finally the nurses had to put a catheter in which I didn’t want but had done. They put it in and pulled it right out. Nothing happened while they had it in so they concluded I was very dehydrated and that I was to stay at the hospital all night. I told the nurses that I had to pee and the nice one told me that it’s just because my bladder and such had been irritated but she let me sit on the toilet anyway. I managed to go pee so they finally let me go home.

I wasn’t feeling too bad that night, just suffering a lot from the gas from the surgery.
About 12 hours after we got home and I had a little bit of sleep, I was out of bed and moving around and doing stuff (I shouldn’t have been but I was bored of staying in bed). On the Friday I tried to vacuum my sister’s bedroom but Michael wouldn’t let me.

Since the surgery I have never felt better. I have no pain, except from the incisions and the surgery itself and I have actually slept all night long. I am hoping that things stay how they are so that I can enjoy a normal life for at least a year or two.

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