Arianna and Michael (Michael) – #4 January 13th, 2002

Right – Time for another entry – this months difficult period is finally over – seemed to go a bit faster this month…

I think it went faster as I was less involved due to Arianna’s depression with her period this time- it has meant she has been very quiet compared to normal – makes it very hard to know what she is thinking as she becomes very withdrawn – she also snaps a lot – not a big issue for me. However i feel her family bear the brunt of it – especially since my little miss becomes very stubborn in some opinions and hates it when she feels peoeel are intruding on hr space.
Unfortunately I cannot do very much for her at this time – maybe it will improve when she comes over – if not I am sure we can come to some sort of compromise 🙂

She worries about my reaction needlessly really and she tends to worry about coming to england due to all the unknowns we have at the moment – however I believe all will be ok and we will resolve all !!

Thats all for now


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