Arianna and Michael (Arianna) – #4 January 13th, 2002

Okay well the dreaded period is over…thank god! I’ve still got a bit of pain and such but it’s almost over. Still having some issues with lactating, but right now my biggest concern is that I was a total monster with PMS this time and I’m depressed.

Not quite sure if it’s the endo causing the depression or if it’s cause I’m worried about how my life is going to turn out in regards to when I’ll get to be with Michael permanently, but something sure has me depressed. I’m not as affectionate as I normally am and I can’t seem to get past a few things, I just seem to be throwing myself into my course work and staring at a computer screen. Well I guess that’s enough of this journal entry since it seems to be straying from the endo side of things. Wonder what Michael will post in response to this?

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