Arianna and Michael (Arianna)- #1 November 14th 2001

Seeing as Michael has written his side of the journal, I thought that I should post my side of it.

The pain was really bad when I woke up yesterday morning, after only getting 2 hours sleep Monday night. It kept getting worse through out the day and by the time I went to bed last night it was so bad I was crying and sobbing. It felt like it originated on my left side but then it would spread out until my whole pelvic area seemed to be being attacked with sharp hot knives. There is no other way to describe the pain. It’s like someone is shoving hot, sharp knives into me and twisting them and pulling them out. Sometimes it feels like osmeone is ripping my insides out. Michael is right in saying that it is hard with us being in two different countries. I just hope things do get easier when I move over there.

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