Alternative treatments

Starting a new series of articles – we are going to look at some alternative therapies that may help endometriosis sufferers.

Whilst these are largely conjecture – we hope to help inform people and give reasons for these therapies working and back it up with any study data we can locate.  

This is to counter the crack-pot “cures” that do not exist and are proliferating the Endometriosis communities now, especially “cures” which are deamed authoritive because one person got relief, with no science behind them or cures.  Often these can be more dangerous if the advice is followed naively.

As they say… stay tuned for this series which will be semi-regular, in that we will update it when we get the information ourselves!

2 thoughts on “Alternative treatments

  1. This is so timely. I have just recently blogged on all of the people/organizations that are attempting to profit off of our despair for a cure for this disease. It is sick that some people seem to feel the need to exploit the hopes of the ill, often leaving them in even deeper financial despair afterwards. While I am all for alternative treatments, some of them like to market themselves as definitive “cures” and will go so far as to make that statement. There are alternative products that have been shown to be of benefit to certain health symptoms.

    My personal philosophy when it comes to this disease is to take a complementary medicine approach. Take the medicine to help stall the progression of the disease, while taking alternative therapies to help manage the existing symptoms.

    Take care and thanks again!
    Melissa Ralston

    1. Thanks for the comments Melissa, if you would like to give the link to your blog that would be great – We want to start a list of other useful blogs which will help keep people informed as we can’t cover all and other perspective’s are great!

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