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This is an update from Nadine.
I had my exploratory laproscopy on Thursday, Aug. 7.
Please do more than just read the results here with interest. I really need input and information from as many people as possible. Quite frankly, I am very confused now.

Despite negative results from a pelvic and abominal CT scan, two ultrasounds and a tagged white blood cell count, I am told that my gyn during laproscopy found 4 cysts on an extremely inflammed left ovary. I was “ate up” with adhesions (hard scar tissue) around my left tube from a tubal ligation I had 17 years ago. Basically, the entire left side of my reproductive system was removed.
There was a hole in my intestinal sac, possibly caused by the scar tissue, and my intestines were pushing through the sac near my belly button. The gastroenterologist that attended the surgery pushed the intestines back in the sac and inserted mesh on both the inside and outside of the hole to strengthen that area. I have a four-inch cut across my belly.
It’s the morning of day two post surgery, it’s the week before the onset of my period and I am in just miserable pain.
After the surgery, the gyn said there was no endometriosis. But the next day, he said he found one spot near my left ovary that may have been endometriosis, but he wasn’t certain. It may have been a speck of blood, he said. Most women who have endometriosis have several lesions, he said, and since there was only that one spot, he suspects it was not endometriosis.
He could not take the spot, because it was on a major blood vessel and if he had nicked the vessel I would have bled to death instantly, he said. He feels certain that my pain was caused by the cysts, inflamation and adhesions. If that spot was endometriosis, however, then the pain will return and we will treat it as endometriosis, he said.
This treatment, he said, would be to start me on Lupron shots and get me scheduled for a hysterectomy.
Supposedly, the vcr was not working, so I don’t have a tape of the procedure. The still camera was malfunctioning, supposedly, as well. I was quickly shown a before and after picture of the “swollen” ovary that did not appear swollen to me. Interestingly enough, they have no photo of the FOUR cysts, the SEVERE adhesions or the possible endometriosis spot.
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