Adhesions in relation to Laparotmy and Laparoscopy

This article goes into some details on adhesions and Laparatomy and Laparoscopy operations.

Both of these methods can cause adhesions – laparatomies are more invasive and have got a higher incidence of adhesions. This is probably because less tissue is actually handled and therefore damaged in a laparoscopy.

Most adhesions apparently occur on the ovary causing moderate attachment to other organs.

However information points to the fact that at the actual site of incisions the chance of adhesions are the same – some stats from clinical studies are:-

Removing Endometriosis with a Laparotomy the chance of adhesions is 85 percent.

Removing Endometriosis with a Laparoscopy the chance of adhesions is down to less than 5 percent.

This implies that laparoscopies are significantly better in respect to removing endo – and indeed many more laparoscopies appear to be being performed nowadays than ten years ago helping endo suffer’s obtain some relief.

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