Pain and bleeding after intercourse

Hi im new to this site! I have had endometriosis for many years now, last year was the actual diagnosis with the surgery to follow. Things went well, im only 19 and was very scared that one day i will not be able to have children. It seems as this year goes on the pain and my periods are getting heavier and much worse. After intercourse i seem to be bleeding or spotting every singe time, and have extreme pain for the next day or so. I just wanted to see if others also experienced what iam, and what to do about it. Thanks for reading-Rachel

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One thought on “Pain and bleeding after intercourse

  1. sjb

    Yes! I have the SAME thing happen, too! Bleeding and pain for a few days following sex. There is nothing to do about it, just take some good pain pills. I have Vicoprofen from my doctor, it works wonders!