Concerned about Female Organs as well as Stomach/Intestines

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Hi, I am really hoping for some feedback before my scheduled laproscopy, which is 8/29/03. I am going to Vegas with 9 other people within a week of the time of the laproscopy, and was wondering, if it isn’t a mistake to have this done before I go, or reschedule for after.

I am also concerned that with the reading I have done on endometriosis, that I may have it in my stomach/intestine area. I have been told many years ago, that I have endo. in the uterus area. I have had two c-sections, one 19 years ago, and one 14 years ago, and it was between the two pregnancies, that I was diagnoised with it. I was put on the pill for periods of times, to stop the periods, and had a few D & C’s as well, and has worked pretty good, but it seems it has come back with a vengeance. Now, my doctor, is proposing Lupron Depot, OR a total hysterectomy. I have concerns now, because I think some of the pain is coming from my stomach, because I am having awful bloating, some rectal bleeding, and pinpoint cramping in different areas, not to mention bouts of diahrea, and some mucous. Sorry if I am grossing anyone out, but I would like to get some feedback and see if anyone can recommend what I should do. I know I am being looked at for the female part of this disease, but now who do I see for the stomach, and how much and what kind of testing will they put me through for this I wonder. I also want to mention, that I have Lupus, and fibro myalgia, and was wondering if enodmetriosis could be linked to autoimmune disease somehow. Please, could someone respond? I would greatly appreciate this. Thanks, Joanne

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Pain and bleeding after intercourse

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Hi im new to this site! I have had endometriosis for many years now, last year was the actual diagnosis with the surgery to follow. Things went well, im only 19 and was very scared that one day i will not be able to have children. It seems as this year goes on the pain and my periods are getting heavier and much worse. After intercourse i seem to be bleeding or spotting every singe time, and have extreme pain for the next day or so. I just wanted to see if others also experienced what iam, and what to do about it. Thanks for reading-Rachel

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Does Endo grow back ? If so how long does it take to grow back?I have it lasered out last Monday should my symptoms have gone away yet ?

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Yes endo can grow back. There is no time length for how long it will take – as it is different for every person. It can take several weeks, if not months, for you to notice any difference as the operation will have left your insides very raw and bruised. Make sure you take it very easy for the first couple of weeks and don’t rush back into anything.

Visitor’s Question No. 1

I have a question about me.For about the past 6 months i’ve had rectal bleeding ONLY when I have my period. I tried going to a clinic and the doctor told me there’s no way it is endometriosis. I know it is and am scared to death. what do I do? I have n

I would go into your gp and ask to be sent to a bowel specialist to start with as having rectal bleeding every month during your period is not normal at all.

What is Danazol?

What does it do?
Danazol shuts down the pituitary gland and puts the body into pseudo-menopause. You shouldn’t have any periods while on this treatment but the periods usually return 2 to 3 months after treatment is stopped.

Side effects:
-acne, decreased sex drive, headaches, hot flushes, oily skin
-oily hair, reduction in breast size, weight gain (up to 10 pounds)
-abnormal facial hair and body hair growth, emotional instability, depression
-nervousness, fatigue, fluid retention, muscle aches and cramps
-vaginal dryness and irritation, breast pain, deepening of the voice
-insomnia, nausea, rash, visual disturbances, dizziness, appetite changes
-stomach upset, bloating, anxiety, chills, nasal congestion

Make sure you use another form of birth control (ie. condom) as danazol may cause harm to the fetus. If you think you might be pregnant, stop treatment immediately.

What is Zoladex?

What is it?
It is a GnRH injection that is given every 28 days in the stomach. It is also known as Goserelin acetate. It is used to put the body into a temporary menopause.

Possible Side Effects:
-a small loss of calcium from the bones
-Hot Flushes and sweating
-Reduced sex drive
-Mood Swings including Depression
-Vaginal dryness and change in breast size
-Tingling in the fingers and toes
-skin rashes
-rare allergic reactions
-pains in the joints
-change in the blood pressure

Sometimes women enter menopause early and when treatment is stopped, menstruation does not start again.
The symptoms are known to be worse within the first month of treatment.
It is possible that you will experience vaginal bleeding during the first month, but this should stop after that.
Not all women will have these side effects, or even have any of them, this is just a guide of what might happen.

How is endometriosis treated?

Treatment for endometriosis varies from surgical procedures to hormonal treatments.

It is advised that before you undergo treatment, you gather all the information possible in order to make the decision that’s best for you.

How is endometriosis diagnosed?

There is only one certain way to diagnose Endometriosis and that is by a minor surgerical procedure called a laproscopy. During a laproscopy, the patient is put to sleep with anesthetic and their abdomen is distended with carbon dioxide gas to make the organs easier to see. While the patient is under anesthesia, a laproscope is inserted into a tiny incision in the abdomen and by moving it around, the surgeon can check the abdomincal organs to see if there are any endometrial implants.

What are the most common symptoms of endometriosis?

Some of the more common symptoms of endometriosis are: ->PAIN-which can be experienced before or during periods or continuously throughout the month; the pain can be a typical low pelvice cramping, pain with sexual intercourse, with bowel movements, lower back pain, or merely with movement.

  • INFERTILITY-Many women have difficulty conceiving and may never become pregnant despite invasive, risky and expensive medical procedures and treatments.
  • BOWEL/BLADDER COMPLICATIONS-diarrhoea, constipation, rectal pain or pain with bowel movements, symptoms of bowel obstruction or pain with voiding may occur; it has sometimes been mistaken for appendicitis
  • ANGER/FRUSTRATION with chronic disease, missed time at work, decreased energy for home/family life

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