Update on My story Contributed by debi9topaz

I wanted to update my story on the pulmonary endo. I keep logging on to chat, but I miss everyone.

I am currently looking for a specialist for the lung endo. I have a doctor in PA that I have spoken with. He sounds confident that he could treat me. On one condition; I quite smoking. Keep in mind, I have never met this doctor before and we were on the phone. He was very specific about NOT treating a patient who smokes. Okay……..I know a lot of you are saying “I should quit”. You are absolutely right. But, on the other hand, have you ever been told by a physician he could not treat you because of your drinking habits? I found this amusing. I believe that is against the law. But, what do I know. lol

I am still researching this doctor. I have found some problems. He wants $$$ up-front. He doesn’t care if you have insurance. He still wants the money up-front. I read a posting on another website about him and it wasn’t very comforting.

Well, that is about it. I hope everyone is well.

Take care.