Question about Endo Symptoms?

Hi Everyone,

I’m posting this for one of the users on the site who has some questions. If you can help her out, please respond.

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Hi folks,
Just found the info and I am desperate to find out if anyone is suffering from the same symptoms as me. Three years ago I found a lump in my perineum (that bit between fanny and bum), which was very sore, large and not very pretty. After several visits to my GP, who is very good, she referred me to the Gyn for further tests. Initial thoughts were that it was some sort of cyst or abcess. As you can imagine, the antibotics came and went on several occasions, accompanied by every type of pain relief on the market.
In addition to my lump I had severe ‘flu’ like symptoms, the worst shivering and fluctuating fevers I’ve ever experienced in my life. The lump stays between five to ten days depending on the severity and always arrives at the same time or just at the end of my period. In February 2000 I was rushed to hospital as the lump was very large and infected and the operation remained inconclusive. Only the infected tissue was removed as they thought it was an abcess, they thought wrong. I have always suffered with extremely painful and heavy periods since starting at the ripe old age of ten??.
I have received three, four month sessions of zoladex, which made me feel like granny grumps to begin with but did eventually ease the suffering fro a few months. The Gyn want me to have a full hyst but I am very reluctant. Lap only revealed some evidence of a history of PID and no endo at uterus site.
Eventually they summised that it could be endo in a strange site on my perineum due to the scar tissue from a very traumatic forceps birth 15 years ago. I try to cope but the psychological effects are now becoming intolerable and I am no use to anybody three weeks out of every four. it usually takes at least a week to ten days to recover. In context I know my symptoms are not as severe as some suffers but trying to walk, sit or drive when my ‘visitor’ arrives is not an easy task and it has a major impact on my marriage – I do have an understanding husband to apply the germolene?? If anybody can relate to these symptoms I would appreciate some info as no-one is quite sure what it is.
Many thanks in anticipation

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by hell (-)
on Dec 17, 2004 – 10:56 AM
Hi Michelle
wow never thought I would read my own life written by someone else!
I too had a very difficult time when I gave birth to my son with ventousse and forceps.
I started my periods at ten years old and they have always been heavy long and extremely painful, I had major problems with perineum scar as in it didn’t heal at all for three years , I had two excisions of the scar but after each op the scar broke down again to leave a gaping wound with a lump infection after infection antibiotic after antibiotic I even had special dressings and physio untill eventually my Gyn suggested a steroid injection into the scar itself as you can imagine this was extremely painful but it worked!
During all this time the drs refused to even comtemplate the idea of endometriosis, untill two years ago I had had enough of the excruiating pain I was in and the heavy bleedin even though I was on depropervera and had been since the birth of my son three years earlier.
My G.P referred me to a different consultant and hospital I had a lap in feb 2004 which discovered endo since then various treatments have been tried and failed am currently on the mirena coil and prostap injections.
I am pleased you have such a wonderful husband it must be great to have his support, unfortunately i am on my own but that only means I can concentrate on my son and myself without worrying about someone else.
Hang on in there and keep on at the docs there is always an option to try!
I don’t know if this has helped but reading your story helped me so THANKYOU so much for sharing your story