My story Contributed by Pingu

When I was 14 and had started my periods I had projectile vomiting and had to have at least 2 days off school each month. My mum then took me to the doctors and I was put on the contraceptive pill and I was still 14.

10 years later my GP thought it would be a good idea for me to come off the pill just to clear my system out because I was put on it at such an early age. Within 2 months I was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pain. They decided to do a lap, I had now had 3 months off work, I had my lap and was diagnosed with endo. I was then put on the contraceptive pill. From the time I was in hospital to when I was diagnosed was 4 months, work were not very good about the time I had off and by november which was 2 months after I was diagnosed but the pill was not working. I had to go to a tribunal and my employment was stopped and this was with a goverment run company and I had been with them 8 years, I had no energy to fight so I let it go.

The consultant kept changing my pill but nothing worked so they decided to put me on zoladex for 6 months, the first 2 months were so painful but after that it seemed to ease I was on the floor in pain as much which was good.

But I still had a pain on my right ovary, but my consultant kept saying it was in my head because the zoladex have stopped my periods.

I kept going back and after the zoladex I was put on depo-provera, the contraceptive injection, that was in August 2000.

The consultant said that all the pain I was getting was in my head and in January 2001 I was discharged, they said they could do no more for me.

April that year I was rushed into hospital and I had my appendix removed but there was nothing wrong with it, so I had the pain I went in with and the appendix pain I went in with to cope with.

They decided I should see the gynae again and I was put on a list for a laparoscopy.

I went in for day surgery and had my pre-med and they decided that they were not going to operate because they wanted to laser the endo out if there was any and that day they didnt have the equipment.

So i went back 6 weeks later and was at my pre-assessment and I said exactly the same and they decided not to do it again but refer me to a bowel specialist again, because it could be irritable bowel.

I then moved away from the area, and had to start all over again. I moved October 2001 and by June 2002 I had seen the consultant 4 times and had diathermy. I went through a rough time getting well but even though I went through all this I had found a consultant that listened and that was great because even though it was hard work I felt better because I had found a consultant on my side, I go back on the 19th August and decide which way to go from there.

What I’ve learn’t from this is that there are good consultants out there and they do make all the difference, and yes I still get pain but inside my head I feel a lot better, because someone is finally listening and believing