Chapter one: The beginning Contributed by AdrianaM


My pain started last April 2001.

I woke up one morning with severe pain on my side unable to get up from bed. Pain sooo severe that i grind my teeth just able to get to the phone to call work that i won’t be in. After an hour or two massaging my side i was able to get aspirin and pain relievers. Only that it helped for awhile. after three days in pain i got my paycheck and was able to go to my doctor where infact i pay in cash. (making this story short) (click for more)

My doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and upped my anti-depressants. a week later i went back. pain still persisted. I cried in pain and showed her(doctor) exactly where my pain is. she looked at me asked a couple questions and shook her head and said “I don’t know what it is”. from there i knew she couldn’t help me anymore and went to OBGYN.

There, i was tested, with blood tests, pap smears, abdomen ultrasounds and pelvic. only to find out that i had a fatty liver. (din’t help relieve the pain) She got me on meds (darvocet, tylenol 3, Vicodin). Only one that did help is vicodin.

(my pain is located on my right lower pelvic side. Pain running down my right leg, like needles or lightning running up and down. And lower back pain and some groin pain too.)

Now of months of pain and missing work part of the time i got fed up with taking many pills. So i stopped. Also becuase i couldn’t afford it anymore (no insurance). I was seeing a chiropractor for treatment but even that got expensive. Then on November 2001, i lost my job. no income, no meds, but still pain on my side that no one could tell me what it is.

Going back too my obgyn in January 2002, she recommended lapcrospy (?), neurologist, cat scan, other test done but with no funds coming in i couldn’t afford it. She recommended it could posibly be endometriosis. but with out the test she can not make a diagnosis.

After seeing another OBGYN, once on trial dissability, i was able to afford meds and asked to up the dosage to Vicodin es. After the exam he suggested laprocrospy(?) that it can be Endometriosis. But test should be done. I’d asked him what can i expect? What are my options?
1=basicly more pain that can be treated with medication.
2=Surgery, but no garuntee that the pain will go away.
3=Wait til menopause.

But a good chance of being infertile…..being 29 years old and no children. I would at least like to have a child. (he then recommends no surgery).

It’s July 15, i only have 2 pills left, saving them for when i do need it. With no job, no money, barely paying my bills with one day jobs.

I am tired of this pain that starting to get to me again. I feel like chopping off my right leg and bangin it to floor in order to feel another kind of pain.

It’s frustrating when your family thinks that i am being lazy or faking it.

It’s frustrating when i am with my friends and i can’t sit for long time or can’t run and play or when i get moody. Sure they understand but i don’t know as to…. why me?

As i sit here in pain only thinking of lying down which helps sometimes. Only thinking that tomorrow is another day of pain and how would i handle that. Dreading it.

Thank you for reading my story. As it will continue…..

until then good night!