Misty’s Endo Story

My Endo Story

by: Misty Fout

In the Winter of 1994, I gave birth to my youngest daughter by c-section. I had so many female problems with her. My blood pressure shot up sky high and was rushed into intensive care which including becoming toxic. When she was delivered after 26 hours the doctor and anesthesiologists came to my bedside and told me that something was wrong. They wanted to admit me to the Hospital. I was not in the state of mind to answer and my husband at the time said “no”. Well, needless to say I came home and was still suffering problems from delivery. I had to be put on blood pressure medications.

A few years past in the summer of 1997 I became very ill after I delivered my second child (she was also by c-section and including tubes tide). He also, cut the nerves to the ovary to try to stop the pain, but it was still there. I laid in bed three weeks out of a month with pain shooting in the abdominal area. I called my obgyn and he took me in to his room, but to only diagnose me with Gas. After a couple years passed I became more demanding of my obgyn to go in and take a look. Even though his mid-wife all along kept telling him that I had endometriosis. So, In 2000 I got my first lap done. He found nothing and I just started crying because I felt hopeless of finding out where the pain was coming from. I did a little bit of researching on the net about this disease his mid-wife was telling me about. The symptoms were almost the exact thing I was feeling. So, I took my pictures and compared them with others on the net. Unexplained red rash was on it and apart of the ovary was uncovered (didn’t have the white coating on it). I then found me another doctor the beginning of 2001. It didn’t take but one week to get into surgery, and come to find out I had Endometriosis in stage I with the paracolonic gutter ablivated with adhesions. Including was a chocolate cysts that had been leaking (same ovary that was uncovered). By this time the cyst was so large that it was bigger then the ovary itself. However, it was not removed during surgery. I was put on a medication to decrease the size. The pain and torture my first obgyn let me go through was a nightmare. My current obgyn said “You need a hysterectomy”. I told him “No!”. Which only being 25 years old I feel its way to soon yet. He put me on Synarel and it did work but, I suffered severe sore joints. He never tested me for bone loss. He then put me on Danocine. He never did any type of liver check either. There supposed to check your liver and your possible bone loss while on the medication. While I was on it, it was a total nightmare because my blood pressure shot up for the first time in a couple years. I felt sick all the time. I decided to just go off of it and I have never felt better being off the medications, but still have my pain and symptoms but, I don’t hurt after I have my period for a week.

I have been suffering from pain in the lower back, back sides, hips, leg shooting to knee, joints sore, abdominal swelling, painful bowel movements and frequent urination and uncontrollable leakage. I have also lost the feeling in my left leg and this only starts when I start ovulating to the end of period. I am currently seeing a neurologist to see what this is from. One of my doctors seems to think that its due from the adhesions effecting the nerve endings. I have been experiencing mild headaches that lasts for a couple days (never had this experience) and I have had the same cold for 6 months. The cold seems to get better with medication but when I get off of them it comes back. I was told by the EA that it could possibly be Autoimmune dysfunction. This is only the beginning of fighting back. I know this disease can be very depressing. I have a history of depression.

There is nothing like to know something like this is in your body and your body tells you everyday “there is a battle”. I’ve walked your road and I know how you feel.