Arianna’s Endo Story…Part 3

On May 15th, 2001, I saw my new endo specialist. Once again I was very let down.

He didn’t treat me like an individual; he treated me like all of his other patients. I don’t believe that this is a fair way to be treated, as endo doesn’t effect each person in the same way. He said that he would do a laproscopy on August 22nd because there is still endo on my ureter, bladder, left ovary and possibly my bowel. The specialist prescribed a Macrobiotic diet for me to follow, which with my other health issues is too risky. He also told me to stop taking my birth control pill for 3 months so that the endo is more visible during the laproscopy. Of course, he neglected to tell me what would happen when I stopped taking the pill.
When it came time for me to start a new package of pills, I didn’t and since then have suffered from severe headaches, more pain than normal, and lactation. I expected the pain, my cycle to be messed up and heavy periods – but lactate for over 8 weeks?! This wasn’t something I expected.
I’ve had constant back pain that has made it almost impossible for me to sleep. The pain has travelled down my left leg, which makes it very difficult to walk, and I can’t wait for my surgery to happen.

Without my supportive boyfriend, and my wonderful friends at, I would be lost. I would be going crazy from this disease and not trying to get by day by day. I’ve managed to work almost full, 35 hour weeks this summer, which for me has been a struggle. Even when I’m in pain, I’ve gone to work and done the best I could do. I have also started trying to find other women in my area who suffer from endo so that we can start a support group. I’ve written a letter to my MPP, which will be sent on August 11th, so hopefully that will help in raising awareness.

For now I am done with my story. I will update it as often as I can. As I said at the beginning, as long as I struggle with endo, my story will be told.

Arianna Chiasson