Arianna’s Endo Story…Part 2

I saw my family doctor and right away she said she wasn’t sending me to see another doctor because two was enough and that I had to “grow up an deal with it” and “stop letting it rule my life”.

I didn’t go back and see her for well over a month.

The pain continually got worse. On March 12th, 2001, the pain was so bad it hurt to move. I felt like numerous knives were repeatedly stabbing me and that they were being twisted around. Every time I moved, it felt like my insides were being torn apart.

On March 14th, 2001, I went back to see ob/gyn #2 to see if he would do a lap on April 3rd. The pain was so bad that my left leg had begun to hurt as well. If I had had a lap on April 3rd, it would have messed things up with college, but it might have eased the pain. At that point I just wanted to stop hurting all the time.

The trip was pointless. The ob/gyn informed me that he wasn’t qualified to do a laproscopy and he didn’t know how to treat endo. He said all he could do for me was a hysterectomy. He gave me Tylenol III with codeine (pain killer number 7) to take along with the anaprox and said that he’d send a letter along with a referral to the endo specialist I had found in hopes that I’d get an appointment sooner.

I was so mad at my family doctor that it wasn’t funny. I kept thinking, “How could she send me to see someone who can’t even treat endo and knows nothing about it?” All I could do was hope that I got in to see the specialist soon.

When I returned from my appointment, I stayed home from afternoon lectures and took a Tylenol III, as ob/gyn #2 had told me to do. It didn’t do much of anything so I took one on top of an anaprox at supper time. By 7:30pm that night, I was seeing double. It did alleviate the pain a bit and I managed to get some sleep.

The next day I went to college with no pain killers and was in a lot of pain. I took a Tylenol III and an anaprox at supper and went to bed. I ended up feeling nausea, my head was hurting and I was seeing double. I slept for about 3 hours then was awake crying from the pain.

I called the endo specialist’s office on March 16th, 2001 and his secretary said that they hadn’t received anything from the ob/gyn but that she’d set aside May 15th for me and put me on the cancellation list. She also told me that no doctor would recommend taking the Tylenol III and anaprox at the same time and to go to emergency if things got worse.

I left a message with the ob/gyns office to send the stuff and they called later on to say it’d been sent. My mom called the specialists and made my appointment for May 15th at 10am. I was really worried about not being able to have kids and having to have organs removed if necessary.

Continued in Part 3